Duke Nukem Teases D-Day, Which Could Be A Game That'll Actually Come Out

According to the official Duke Nukem Facebook page, "Duke Nukem doesn't stay down for long." Or so a newly released screen shot of something labelled "D-Day" would imply.

That screen shot of a character who sure doesn't look like Mr. Nukem taking aim at a beast that looks Duke universe appropriate was spotted by Shacknews earlier today, leading to speculation that yet another Duke Nukem project is in the works in some capacity and that it could one day actually be released.

Or not. The "D-Day" information offered by the official Duke Nukem Facebook presence doesn't offer any further details about what the "preview pic" is for. It could be a snap from the on-hold Duke Begins or from the purportedly still in development Duke Nukem Forever.

Who wants to place some bets?

Duke Nukem [Facebook via Shacknews]


    I call bullshit!

    Stop, you're embarressing yourselves

    Its most likely DNF which has never been out of development, just hyped to the point of no return, from the Red faction 2 videos to the supposed xbox game, even people saying the game exists, enough of the talk, we want the game, its been along time since my gaming with duke nukem and I'd be happy to see his wise cracking arse again.

    ill give it 3 years before we see another screen shot from this "D-Day" game.

    Whenever, if ever, duke nukem forever comes out i bet its gonna flop.

    I reckon whoever scored the rights and properties to Duke Nukem (I haven't been following this) has mashed all the DNF assets into their own FPS game, and are making a HALO ODST style FPS that is set in the same timeline as Duke Nukem 3D.

    Except in this case, we will be playing a bunch of special ops dudes in black uniforms (pictured above) whose path through the alien invasion has them constantly bumping into Duke Nukem (such as the big monster on the football field.)

    This game may or may not include a seciton where Duke needs to be saved by the spec ops team who will most likely act and partially look like characters from Killzone, GoW and MW2.

    This also may or may not be complete BS.

    That looks suspiciously like a scene from the massive video of DNF that was leaked when the game was canned. Curious...

    This is going to be sooooo good! that single screenshot is soooo totally not shopped!! (notice the bullets (laser?) coming out of the gun at an unnatural angle)

    So over 12 years ISN'T classified as 'staying down for long'?

    Isn't that super hornio bros?

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