Dungeons & Dragons For Microsoft Surface Has Come A Long Way

The guys who are bringing Dungeons & Dragons (unofficially) to Microsoft's tabletop Surface system have been plugging away at their creation, giving us an extended, in-depth look at how one DMs the world's most expensive, most technically impressive campaigns.

The SurfaceScapes team at the Entertainment Technology centre at Carnegie Mellon University gives us a very clear explanation of how this project works, from the networked Dungeon Master laptop that controls much of the experience to just how the more fleshed-out interface will work. The SurfaceScapes guys have big plans for the project, some of which they tease in the above video.

Team member Michael Lewis offers the official Surface blog some expert insight into the creation of the D&D port, which budding developers and tabletop role-playing gamers with deep pockets will definitely want to read.

New gameplay video with D&D on Surface [Microsoft Surface Blog]


    very cool technology, yes there's nothing wroung with D&D, we've all played some version or somehting inspired by it, or watched something inspired by it; but the first thing to really be seen in public for the surface technology....not a good way to get the general public involved lol! good work none the less.

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