DVR Alert: Spike Televises Top 2009 Indie Developers Tonight

Spike TV's second-annual special celebrating indie games airs on Spike tonight. Host Geoff Keighley shared a copy of the show early with Kotaku and it does indeed feature visits with the makers of Osmos, 'Splosion Man, Trials HD and Flower.

The show even offers an early look at 'Splosion Man developer Twisted Pixel's next game, Comic Jumper.

Plus there's some diving in a cold lake by Keighley and the creators of Trials HD (pictured above, of course). A debut of a multi-touch version of my favourite of these very good games, Osmos. Oh, and full disclosure: Someone who may or may not have written this post appears in this show as a talking head.

The games featured in the show are the nominees for the best indie game category in this Saturday's Spike Video Game Awards. (More disclosure: Kotaku is part of the judging panel.)

The half-hour show premieres tonight on Spike at midnight. Check your listings. Celebrate indie games. And... let me know how I did?

Kotaku AU Note: Anyone know if we get these Spike specials on Foxtel?


    I want to know what all of Aus wants to know, what channel (if it is even on in Aus) is it on? I read on wiki that Spike is a division of MTV, but i check MTV listings & can't find anything.

      Wait i just remembered that they showed the scream awards on the Showtime channels, so it could be on one of them.

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