EA Might Cut Even More Games

When Electronic Arts sacked 1500 employees recently, it also binned a number of titles in production at the studio. Now that the dust has settled, however, they might bin a few more.

Speaking at the Reuters Global Media Summit earlier today in New York, EA boss John Riccitiello said that despite plans to reduce the number of games he company releases from 50 to 40 next year, that's not where the knifework will end.

"Thirty wouldn't shock me at some point in the future", he said, meaning EA would publish 30 games in a single year.

Let's hope, even if it is a fool's hope, that means fewer iPhone and DS games, and not fewer Mirror's Edge 2s.

EA sees fewer titles; digital rising [Reuters]


    I'm with Luke, I hope it is just the shit they are dumping.

    I know for sure ea will increase their iPhone game numbers as they make a killer profit from it. It's all about making the largest amount of money from the smallest investment. That's how ea is looking at it now days. If you think about it iPhone games are cheap to make and can turn a massive profit. There is by far less risk. I wouldn't be surprised if that's where they put more money.

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