EA Sports MMA Adds Two More Fighters Big In Japan

The EA Sports MMA roster has grown by two, officially, as of today. Electronic Arts announced a press conference in Tokyo earlier today that Hidehiko Yoshida and Shinya Aoki will virtually beat the shit out of each other in 2010.

If the names Yoshida and Aoki aren't what you'd consider household names, the former is an Olympic judo gold medallist, the latter the current DREAM lightweight champion. Neither is pictured in the screen shot above, obviously, but their presence at today's press conference is sufficient evidence that the two fighters do exist and have committed their likenesses to the mixed martial arts game.

I'm still hoping that we're in for a few Super Smash Bros. style entries, with, say, Isaac Clarke making an appearance in full armour. Any other terrible ideas like that one?

EA Sports MMA [Twitter]


    EA have said that one big Japanese promotion has signed on I guess DREAM is that promotion. If they do include DREAM obviously Rings and PRIDE rules are also in, I remember hearing a rumour on Kotaku about rings and cages but this pretty much confirms it. PRIDE rules means head kicks when down w00t w00t. I can say as a huge MMA fan this game is looking better and better, I was really underwhelmed by the UFC 2010 trailer shown at the VGA’s, Kimbo Slice being in the game was the big reveal, big friggin’ deal.

    If they need a bad idea, here's one: How about Hideo Kojima in a cardboard box? :D

    Head kicks when down?

    So anotherwords its a pussies fighting game? Great... well... I suppose MMA really is the fight for those with no grace...

      MMA isn’t exactly as barbaric a sport as you may think it’s come a long way in the last ten years, perhaps you take offence to the fact the Japanese rules allow for head kicks to a fighter on the ground (unified American MMA rules don’t allow it). But it’s actually a pretty safe sport. Besides a few broken bones no one has ever had a serious injury in a major MMA promotion.

        Yeah, repeated concussions aren't dangerous. After all, it's only your brain...

        Blood sports are barbaric - that's the appeal. Any sport where the aim is to physically disable your opponent is inherently dangerous. Accept it, and acknowledge that just as you love the violence, some people don't.

          MMA has strict rules governing the health of performers, fighters must undergo medical checks before and after fights. If they don’t pass then not only can’t they fight but they are given medical suspensions and sometimes can’t fight for many months. It’s not as if fighters are going out there to kill each other, the fight is over if the fighter is knocked out of taps.

          Also since MMA is a legitimate sport, they undergo drug tests all the time, it’s a whole lot safer than wrestling. Just look at how many high profile wrestlers have had problems with substance abuse. They also take beatings day after day for about 300 days a year, most MMA fighter’s fight 2 or 3 times a year. It’s also a whole lot safer than boxing because rather than be given a 10 count when knocked down, if you are knocked down in MMA the fight is over.

          You don’t need to make me out as some blood hungry maniac who only watches MMA because people will bleed, I actually appreciate contact sports. I’m perfectly capable of enjoying mixed martial arts with no blood involved

      Lets not forget the unified USA rules do allow for elbows, standing and grounded (not 12 to 6) which cause way more cuts, fight stoppages, and long term injuries to fighters than the head kicks in the Japanese rules ever have.

      The head kick rule makes for way more exciting fights and less stalling from opponents trying to lay and pray or pull guard and stall, if you know you run the risk of a knee or kick to the head, you'd be a lot more cautious and wouldn't do some of the stupid stalling tactics that you see used in the UFC today.

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