Early Video Outs 'Green Day: Rock Band'

Not sure if this is the "biggest surprise premiere in VGA history" we've been promised, but MTV put up a "Green Day: Rock Band" video dated three days into the future, then pulled it. Embed code still works, though.

As you can see, the band's rocking out to "American Idiot" with note highways, band shots, the works. And then as if to drive home the point, the title card Green Day: Rock Band slams over it at the end. Sounds rather definite to me. I guess we shall know if this is for-sure real or not in about 90 minutes, right?

MTV Shows MTV Teases 'Green Day: Rock Band' [Joystiq]


    Bah! I want Queen Rock Band!!!

    I am certainly excited about playing the same three chords over and over again.


      haha.. in all honesty, only the first 2 albums have stuff that would be worth playing.. their newer stuff is just absolute bollocks.

      But given as it would more than likely feature mainly their newer stuff to cater to the younger teenie boppers i think i'll be giving it a miss..

      ...that and i don;t even own rock band lol

    I think that Chuloopa is right. I hate their new stuff like 21 guns. I'd rather play some of their older stuff, however, I think there are other bands that may be more interesting and should get their own game.
    I wouldn't mind a The living end one =P

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