Edge Of Twilight Development Will Continue Next Year, Says Fuzzyeyes

Edge Of Twilight Development Will Continue Next Year, Says Fuzzyeyes

Yesterday, a handful of former Fuzzyeyes Studios employees told Kotaku that steampunk-style role-playing game Edge of Twilight had ceased development and that the developer had been hit with substantial layoffs. Today the developer responds.

Fuzzeyes reps deny that the developer is shutting down and that Edge of Twilight development will continue in January. Reps confirm that development had been put on hold in early October due to unspecified reasons.

“Currently all outsourcing parties still working hard on EOT development,” said a Fuzzyeyes rep.

The former Edge of Twilight developers we heard offered a less encouraging picture of the game’s fate, intimating that disputes with the game’s publisher Southpeak Interactive were partly to blame for the game’s development issues.


  • Wow.. good spin by Fuzzyeyes. Too bad all of the staff have been layed off, and still owed months of pay. I hear the studio has one person still working in it.. the owner. Sounds pretty shut down to me.

    • so let me get this right..

      …everyones been fired…
      …they ship it to China…
      …don’t pay the original staff…

      Yeah, that companies doing real well..good luck shipping a quality title.

  • As far as i know this is being outsourced to china. The core team that slaved over the game for the last 3 years and made it so unique have all been laid off (or have left of their own accord being unpaid) and are owed large sums of money. There is no one left of the original team (or anyone at all for that matter) so dont get your hopes up.

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