Electronic Arts Looks South For New Development Center

Electronic Arts is taking a serious look at the land of grits and fatback for a development centre that could employ up to 300 people. Atlanta and Savannah, Ga., are in the running, along with Louisiana.

EA's Jeff Brown confirmed to the Atlanta Business Chronicle that the publisher is considering the Peach State for a multimillion-dollar investment, but didn't go into details why. It's likely that the labour and operating expenses in the South would be less than in California, but the proximity to a well trained workforce in a large city like Atlanta doesn't hurt, either. Savannah also is home to the respected Savannah College of Art and Design.

Also helping is the legislation Georgia passed last year that upped tax credits for game makers to 30 percent. EA's Brown cited that figure as a definite encouragement to the publisher.

Atlanta is already home to about 70 game makers. And Fahey.

Electronic Arts Eyes Atlanta [Atlanta Business Chronicle]



    ha, the cold heart of multinational corparations rears its ugly head once again. On one hand EA lay off hundreds of people and close down studios blaming everything from the finacial crysis to lackluster sales of new ip's, yet on the other hand they invest millions in some newly created game-maker-taxhaven ready to employ 300 new people.
    Sure they can open up new studios whenever wherever they want and close them down with the same liberty, but what grinds me the wrong way is reason why they closed down the studios in the first place, point in case: Pandemic.
    Mercs 2 and Saboteur both extremly meh games but in my opinion this is EAs fault not Pandemic.
    I can just the pitch right now:
    Pandemic: We've got this awesome idea *goes on to describe saboteur*
    EA: Yes no thats great, but we want another merc game first one sold well so a second will do well and then you can do this other game. This is the budget for both games and heres the timeframe.

    And as history shows us both games are glitchy boring and just a well rounded piece of meh.

    Had EA just stuck with the SAboteur or Mercs 2 and dedicated the budget and timeframe to just one it probably would have been a great game and probably sold double of both games combined.

    So what im saying is people have to pay for the poor decisions managment makes. This is very frustrating for the creative and talented people who often pour there hearts into these projects only to be underfunded overworked and eventually laid off.

    I feel like im singling out EA now, thing is all corperations are guilty of this to some extent.

    Now, all hail Gabe Newell and community-funded-game-development. I really hope Valve can one day make this a feasible development path.

    k rant/

      What EA did to Pandemic is nigh unforgivable. They destroyed Both studios (Brisbane + US), screwed up the Batman license (An Aussie-made Batman game that wasn't a movie tie-in. My god, nothing could have made me happier), and generally f***ed everyone involved over.

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