Erotic Game Comments On Erotic Game Controversy

In the wake of the Rapelay controversy, Japanese erotic games have come under intense scrutiny.

The Ethics organisation of Computer Software in Japan banned the sale of games with forced sexual situations after an outcry in the Western press over Rapelay, a niche game released a few years back.

Some game adult game developers have cut themselves off from the West, while one dev is looking at the entire situation with a sense of humour. On December 18, new ero title Shinobiryuu was released in Japan. Before starting the game, the following title screen appears (translated by website Canned Dogs):

Declaration This is a declaration made with the consensus of all the characters that appear in this story. All the characters appearing in this game have gone through special training and all actions carried out are done on the basis of mutual agreement. Even if you're a inhuman person who believes that fictional characters in creative works do not have human rights, please do not ignore this. We also thank all the kind people who see a character in the story saying phrases such as "help me" and take it as a real call for help. However, even though you are worrying for the characters in the story, these are all lines spoken from a script. They are not saying all this from the bottom of their hearts. We are sorry that they have put in so much effort into their acting that some people will confuse it as something that is really happening. This game is a fictional story.

Fiction! Remember that? In-game characters also make note that fictional characters apparently have human rights. "There are apparently some special people that will get angry and show sympathy for us if we get raped," says one character. "And they'll start lobbying for us too." Save the in-game characters!

Eroge characters comment on restrictions [Canned Dogs]


    Just goes to show that the Japanese are really weird about EVERYTHING. Even computer game rape.

      Just goes to show that the world has gotten too far up its own arse these days and these guys are going to take the piss out of it. Very nicely done by the way.

      Yea I agree with Drae.

      What gives you the right to say the Japs are weird?

      To me, I think the developers are dealing with critcism in an awesome fashion, especially when the criticism comes from outsiders who have no understanding about their culture.

      get over yourself I say.

    I thought it was pretty damn funny. At least someone is being outspoken about how stupid censorship has gotten.

    Finally they see the light! XD

    Though the whole Rapelay controversy happened because that was the sole object of the game...

      Actually the whole "RP" fuss happened because Amazon screwed up and listed a preowned copy on the UK site =P All eroge never get listed outside Amazon JP xD

      Still this is definitely one of the most amusing comebacks of late! Time to lobby for eroge character votes! xD

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