European 'Dante' Edition Getting ... Dead Space's Isaac?

Chalk this one up to weird. Visceral Games has announced a Europe-only "Death Edition" of Dante's Inferno that will include a Dead Space's Isaac Clarke's getup as a playable in-game costume.

According to the Italian-language Console Planet, these are the features of the Death Edition:

• Exclusive costume for a playable character in-game: Isaac Clarke from Dead Space! • Making-of documentary with the game (Italian subtitles) • Documentary "Dante in History" (subtitled in English) • Soundtrack full game • Documentary on the creation of music and audio (Italian subtitles) • Digital Artbook edited by visual designer Wayne Barlowe (subtitled in English) • Over 10 minutes of scenes from the soul "Dante's Inferno An Animated Epic" (subtitled in English) • Digital reprint of the poem Complete (in English)

Ohhhhh kay.

Death Edition for Dante's Inferno [Console Planet (translated) via Joystiq]



    Does this make any less sense than "Master Chief" in Fable 2?

    I'm guessing this is their strategy to entice God of War 3 fans.

    How is this confusing? They made Dead Space. A Dead Space costume is in same developer's new game.

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