EVE Online's Latest Expansion Features...Space Combat

You know, there's something about MMOs that makes my skin crawl. Can't stand them. Yet whenever EVE Online pops up - like it has with this trailer, for new expansion "Dominion" - my resolve weakens. Just a little.

Dominion is EVE's 12th free expansion, and it's out today.


    dont worry. Just give the trial a go. 'attempt' to make it through the tutorial and your utter failure will reinforce your convictions :)

    i think the term "free" in this case is quite loosely used - considering its subscription based anyway.

    Yeah, I tried the tutorial. Since the game is down between 9pm and 10pm every night (AEST) I didn't get very far.

    Autopilot disabled. Waypoint reached.

    I couldn't get into EVE because of that prime time nightly server maint.


    Did I just see a death star phazor?

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