Ever Wonder How Much Money Has Been Sunk Into America's Army?

America's Army may be the US military's most super-effective recruitment tool, but that kind of effectiveness comes at a price.

It's been revealed today that since first beginning the recruitment-tool-masquearading-as-a-game project in 2000, America's Army has cost the US military - well, really, the US tax payer - $US32.8 million.

That's just a little over the game's expected outlay, which was originally touted as $US7 million over five years.

$US30 million is what you'd expect to pay for a bells and whistles, AAA blockbuster title, not a free-to-play online shooter. We're guessing the bulk of that cash has gone on marketing.

America's Army bill: $US32.8 million [America's Army]


    haha silly americans

    Wow, that is really impressive. Such a powerful recruitment tool for pigeon feed, it's pretty obvious that the US isn't going to stop pursuing this recruitment path.

    Quick! Play our game for nothing, then join our army so IW can make a game about you and make a buttload of money!

    Just think about how that money might have actually been used for useful equipment for the defence forces. I mean do they really need to up the recruitment that much? Seems like they have more than enough troops to do peacekeeping and for the war in Iraq, I doubt any country will need a massive army in the future, I can't see a world war breaking out anytime soon.

    30 million's a drop in the ocean... and they probably spent just as much on other recruitment means anyway.

      Given the obvious remote-control combatant/robotic drone technologies... I seriously doubt this is entirely about recruiting in a conventional sense.
      But i'm sure it helps that along nicely too. Tasting a bit of challenge/reward goes a long way.

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