Every New Final Fantasy XIII Screen Makes The Waiting Worse

We still have the better part of three months before Final Fantasy XIII arrives, yet Square Enix continues to tease us. They've got a Facebook page and Twitter set up now? Great.

How I long for the days when I could wander into a video game store and be surprised by the release of a new Final Fantasy game. It hasn't happened since number VII came out on the original PlayStation, but I will remember that day for the rest of my life. Sure, I'm now part of the problem, but I prefer to think of it as sharing my pain with a large group of people.

Square Enix isn't helping, either. Instead of just quietly going back to work on the localisation and letting us think about other things, they've now got an official Final Fantasy XIII Facebook page and Twitter account, ensuring that fans never forget that the game is still painfully far away.


    It's been easier for me, I've been ignoring almost everything Final Fantasy XIII related for a while. I realised after watching endless trailers of games that they were taking some of the wow factor out when I finally got to playing it.

    Random encounters? ;_;

    The ground that appears to have carpet instead of earth still looks like crap. Do developers think that we only look at the characters? Is it so hard to make realistic looking ground?

    Same, i just ignore it, after a while the pain gets easier to deal with lol.

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