Exploiting MW2's 'Javelin Glitch' Will Get You Banned, Says XBL

While Infinity Ward works up a fix for the infamous suicide-bombing "javelin glitch" in Modern Warfare 2, Xbox Live's chief lawman vows that anyone caught doing it in his jurisdiction can expect a daylong banhammer, minimum.

Said Stephen Toulouse (Stepto) over Twitter earlier today:

While IW works on getting the MW2 glitch fixed, people we catch using it will recieve suspensions from LIVE. Play fair everyone. :>

Stepto clarified that bannings for this sort of terms of use violation typically are 24 hours, but can go up to two weeks if they're particularly egregious.

For those not familiar with the glitch, which can be used on PS3 and PC as well as the 360, it enables someone carrying a rocket launcher to turn into a sprinting human bomb. While the player dies in the process, it's still a cheap way to get kills, including triples and quads. And an easy way to get yourself reported, cussed out, etc. You can watch this for more information but, remember, trying it subjects you to a day without multiplayer. Which is like a day without sunshine. Or something.

Stephen Toulouse on Twitter [Twitter]


    lol someone was doing this last night, it was funny the first few times but got annoying soon after.

    What if you do it by accident? That's how it would have been discovered after all, although it's startingly similar to the power-shot trick in L4D.

    Hey! With all the shit connections we get we need something to level the playing field.

      "Too Bloody Right Mate"

      no shit!
      its ok for us to get killed by someone who isnt there (in our fov) but we cant take advantage of their screwup? LOL good luck iw. they made mistakes in the game, they need to suck it the f..k up. how bout instead of quickly patching a minor flaw, patch the region issues FFS! i rage quit at least half the games i get into. i really could piss and moan for hours about this pile of puke they deem a game.
      i was told the 360 version was better for lag than my ps3 vers. so i bought it. OMFG! its just as bad but you also have to endure listening to 10yr olds carrying on like total retards. thank god for eb's 7 day policy! at least im only stuck with 1 version of the game.

    Lol i totally agree with warcroft.

    Its so worth the ban.

    can't believe what these douches are doing anymore, they made a mistake in developing the game and they punish players for it

    I know patch the freaken game ! let us BE the host of our own servers not just pick the random shittiest connection active.

    its just a game and we are having fun, i mean what is there to win from it anyway? you K/D pretty much stays at 1 so you have nothing to really gain from it

    What needs to be patched/nerfed is (what we have come to call) the Running Man perk.
    Marathon, Lightfoot, Commando.
    Just sprint around the map stabbing people.
    The stabbing range with the commando perk is ridiculous!
    Combine that with lag and its like youre being stabbed from 20 meters away.

    I must have got stabbed 15 times in one round the other night by the same bloke, I wondered how he was doing it.. now i know.

    Patch now Ktb!

      Probably using the care package "feature".

    A day of ban... oooooooooo *shudders.* Get a life, youll probably be able to exploit this glitch for 3 hours of gametime before any action is taken.

    This explains that weird as hell match I had on Rust before.

    Only a day and only if we are in game with this guy.. lol.. thanks for bringing it to my attention..

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