Facebook On XBL Available For Minors — Outside Of U.S.

Xbox Live users under 18 outside of North America may now use the social networking tools Facebook, Twitter and Last.fm on Xbox Live. Minors in the U.S. get access Dec. 15.

Major Nelson announced that this afternoon Microsoft rolled an update that enables access to those three services by minors, provided they have parental approval. Minors in the U.S. will get access - again, assuming parental approval - on Dec. 15.

The Major reminds: Be sure to set Automatically log in or Remember me when setting up the application for the first time, otherwise you will be prompted for parental permission every time you launch the application

Twitter, Facebook and Last.FM updates for those <18 [Major Nelson]


    Of course OZ has no access to LastFM at all - this is just another slap in the face to loyal Aussie xbox fans....

    I really really want to give MS and it's partners money (LastFM, Netflix - I'm looking at you!)Guess I'll just have to look at other less legal sources for my media entertainment....

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