Fans Are Shearing For Mega Man 10's Sheep Man

Only two days after his big debut, Mega Man 10's Sheep Man has already generated more fan art than you can shake a shepard's crook at.

We've only known about Capcom's retro-riffic Mega Man 10 since Nintendo Power revealed the WiiWare title on Wednesday, introducing the world to the glory of Sheep Man, Rock's latest robot nemesis. Two days is forever on the internet, which is why sites like DeviantArt and Pixiv are being flooded with images of this wooly new foe. I for one am just glad that most of the images only have Mega Man hugging Sheep Man. They've all shown tremendous restraint and deserve cookies.

Head over to DeviantArt and the Japanese site Pixiv to see more lovely Sheep Man creations.

And no, I will not apologise for that headline.

Sheep Man Fan-Art Surfaces [Protodude's Rockman Corner via Capcom]


    You forgot the Rule34 ;)

      Second from the bottom, on the right.

      No they didnt.

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