Fans Settle On Final Cover Design For MLB 2K10

Voting has concluded in 2K Sports' pick-em poll for MLB 2K10, and fans went with all-star third baseman Evan Longoria in a fielding scene, over a classic silver background, for the 10th Anniversary edition of the game.

Kotaku broke the news that Tampa Bay's Longoria was 2K Sports' selection, a week before the official announcement. 2K Sports submitted six designs - three poses over two different backgrounds - for fans' approval. The fielding pose showed more of Longoria's face than two of him hitting, which is probably why it was selected.

Additionally, 2K Sports released the following promotional video, in which Oakland's Andrew Bailey (the 2009 American League Rookie of the Year), Detroit's Justin Verlander and Seattle's Félix Hernández discuss how they'd pitch to the cover boy. MLB 2K10, which releases March 2, will be focusing more on pitcher versus batter matchups, but hasn't said yet whether that will be realised in background calculations or with some new gameplay feature.


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