Final Fantasy VIII Coming To The PlayStation Store

It's Final Fantasy day here today, the latest piece of news concerning Square Enix's flagship franchise coming in the form of a PlayStation Store re-release.

In an email sent out to PlayStation email subscribers, Sony announce in the "coming soon" section that Final Fantasy VIII will be turning up on the PlayStation Store.

I'm interested to see how it holds up after all these years, both because it's my favourite Final Fantasy game, and because last time I played it I remember it holding up much better than Final Fantasy VII does these days.


    I hope it will get re-released to the PAL PSN store. It was my first Final Fantasy game and one of my favourites.

    I'm assuming that the current multi-platform FFXIII deal doesn't stretch back to previous games and we won't see this on Xbox Live?

    I'm hoping it'll get retranslated and edited properly this time. Though unlikely.

    Wow, I'm not the only one that likes VIII the best :D, I still play it. Graphics are horrible, but you don't actually notice it after a couple minutes.

    Will this be rereleased wit 1080p support?

      No it will not get 1080p support lol it will probably look very small on the screen. I played ff7 on a 52" and man did cloud look funny. Like a purlple and yellow block with eyes lmao

    Ohhhh yeah I liked FF7 but I loved FF8 this is a definate buy 4 me I still have it on PS1 but now I can finally have it on my psp and ps3

    While I appreciate their efforts to bring older popular Final Fantasy titles to new generations I am sad to see that they did not take the time to upgrade the graphics. Even a small upgrade to bring it in line with the PC version running 3dFX would have made this and FF7 an instant purchase at any price... Heck I would have paid a full 50 bucks new game price if they would have given them some love!!

    will it be in the australian store?

    We are still waiting I beleive

      Aus release out now on PSN.

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