Final Fantasy XIII Box Art, Now With More Xbox 360

There is definitely something eerie about seeing Final Fantasy box art with the Xbox 360 logo at the top.

This is an image I would have sworn was fake prior to July of 2008, when Microsoft and Square Enix outed Final Fantasy XIII for the Xbox 360. It was one of the most exciting E3 announcements I've been present for, and I distinctly remember my fingers shaking as I typed up the news.

Now it's only four months away, and here we have a glimpse of what Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox 360 will look like, at least for Europe. It's still a bit unsettling, but exciting nonetheless.

For those of you who can't handle the strangeness, I've also included the PlayStation 3 packshot. Rest assured, one of these boxes will be much lighter than the other.


    Worst box art of any Final Fantasy game ever.


    interesting that the 360 shows more leg,

    trying to get the JP audience on 360? Lol

      360 version isn't being released in Japan, unfortunately.

      PS3 cases are smaller, which gives them less real estate for cover images. So to fit the PS3 cases, the images has been trimmed. If they chose to stick with having as much leg on the PS3 cover as the 360 cover, they'd either have to lose most of her head or make the image smaller.

    Why are all FFXIII covers sucky. They could've just had the logo on white background and thats good enough.

    The Title is all you need. Like all the other games (PAL versions). I hope XIII's PAL cover will stick to the tradition.

    no logo on white only? I think it's time for a new boycott...

    Wait, I know its just box art but I cant help but notice the '16' rating. This is coming to us unedited... right?

      Yeah, it probably will be. Halo 3 was rated 16+ by PEGI and it's still M here. I don't really see how a FF could be MA anyway.

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