Final Fantasy XIII Gets Its Cid

Every Final Fantasy must have its Cid, and for Final Fantasy XIII it's Cid Raines.

While the above image was borrowed from the Final Fantasy Wiki, information about Cid Raines comes by way of a scan from a Final Fantasy XIII spread in Shonen Jump. According to Final Fantasy Union, this time around Cid is a brigadier in a military organisation other than PSICOM.

I won't speculate about Cid's role in the game. It's just good to know he'll be in there.

Final Fantasy XIII's Cid Revealed, Cid Raines [Final Fantasy Union]


    Am I the only one who expects all Cids to be an older man? I mean, this guy looks...wrong, too girly to be a Cid. Ah, that's it - the facial hair, he's missing a good old facial growth.

    looks like another mean cid.

    I liked Cid with the goatee and pointy ears mmmmm

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