Final Fantasy XIII Giant Turtle Is So Big



    Hit it's underbelly for MASSIVE DAMAGE!!!

    I hope the Behemoth is bigger or at least as big as that. I'd feel as if I've achieved something from beating such a huge common enemy, even though it's probably not a challenge =P

    WTB Legolas Tusk Skating move for this one. I also cant wait to fight the Jumbo Cactuar (that's taller than a cliff)

    whats the bet that gametrailers will criticize the 'open scenery' in the presentation section?

    (The open fields look really plain and simple)

    Im glad they are going for a real sense of scale that surpasses previous outings :)

    Its kind of annoying that they put Random battles back in.. everything just seems a bit empty without stuff going on in the background or people running around etc etc..

    Im interested to find out what exactly this game can do.. will it just be a FFX-2 rip-off with the ATB bar or a FFXII rip-off without the moving...

    They are selling this whole juggle thing but I take it that it wouldn't work on this enemy... unless you had Bahamut for arms.
    I hope they have Reaction Command - esque attacks, couldn't you just see the fighters running around tripping it over and cutting it up?

    p.s. AT-AT MUCH?

      AFAIK if you have juggle moves there would always be at least 1 creature who would be immune to this. I don't think Cloud Strife could juggle this one much less the FFXII team!

      And yes AT-AT came to mind XD

      Monsters will still be on the game map like in 12, its just the combat won't be taking place on the game-map, you'll have a quick flash to the battle location.

    u reckon it's random battle? it looks open world at least (judging from the 1st screenshot) but then again i havent been reading up on ff13 news lately.

    It has a giant seat on its shoulders?

    Wow... I have to fight THAT... damn thats huge (and detailed :D)

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