Final Fantasy XIII Gives PS3 Its Biggest Week In Japan

Looks like Square Enix's newest numbered Final Fantasy is off to a good start, giving the PlayStation 3 a not-too-surprising surge in sales in Japan, according to early figures from Famitsu publisher Enterbrain.

Enterbrain puts Final Fantasy XIII sales at over 1.5 million over the course of the game's first four days on Japanese store shelves, selling through a major portion of the reported 1.8 million copies shipped. About 1.1 million of those are apparently from day one sales.

The boon to the PlayStation 3? Some 240,000 plus consoles sold in one week, including that fancy Lightning Edition PS3 released alongside the exclusive-in-Japan role-playing game. That's a considerable spike, as the previous week's figures, according to sales tracker Media Create, shows some 75,000 PlayStation 3s sold in Japan the week before FF13 hit.

ファイナルファンタジー13、発売初週で実売150万本 PS3本体も週間24万台販売=PS3歴代1位 [Yahoo! JP]


    Again, would anybody be surprised by this? Final Fantasy is HUGE over in the weird country. (Japan, duh :P) So the bump in PS3 sales is expected.

    Thought someone would've noticed the 360 sales going up too.

      Why are the 360 sales going up?
      FFXIII didn't get a release in Japan on the 360...

      I think mate that they only released the PS3 version in Japan atm, the 360 version isnt out yet... And if thats true i wouldnt be surprised to see a big drop in 360 sales.

    The FF games get bigger and bigger in Japan, but they get smaller and smaller in The western world. I think what someone needs to do is make another milestone game like FF7. One that can put some life back into this genre

      They just need to desaturate the JRPG market and it would be mint again. I remember when only the good ones used to come through to the west: Lunar, Tales of Destiny, Secret of Mana etc. Now just about anything comes through with half-assed work and terribad voice acting.

      I didn't like 7 as much as I liked 10. I think 12 had some problems but it's gameplay was also more fun than 7. I don't think FF is getting smaller overseas, the games are still huge and getting bigger, just the heroes aren't big emo magnets like Cloud (Tidus was annoying not emo).

      It's good to see a female hero since Terra, 6 accomplished way more than 7, just it wasn't in 3D and lacked the emo factor. It also lacked lame trench coat dude with chick hair as a villain.

      I am really excited to see 13 and it's characters. Character development done right and Japan makes kick ass female heroines.

    I'm glad to see this game is doing well, but really, who doubted it would?

    Can't wait for it, it's been the only PS3 game that I've been obsessing over every little squidget of information I can get about it.

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