Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Trophy List (What We Know)

As the FFXIII juggernaut continues to rumble through cyberspace, details about the game are continuing to tumble out.

A early look at the game's PS3 Trophy list looks like this:

Bronze Assault Ruby – Master the Attacker Role Destruction Sapphire – Master the Blaster Role Guardian Topaz – Master the Defender Role Hex Jade – Master the Jammer Role Inspiration Amethyst – Master the Enhancer Role Healing Emerald – Master the Healer Role Silver
Limit Breaker – Deal over 100,000 damage to an enemy Behemoth Hunter – Slay a wandering behemoth Perfect Diamond – Learn all abilities to the fullest Gold
Collector of All Things – Collect all weapons and accessories The All Knowing Sage – Gain the complete knowledge of 100 different enemies

There are also 16 other Bronze Trophies which seem to be related to the story.

Final Fantasy XIII Trophy List Revealed – Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII [Nova Crystallis]


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