Final Fantasy XIII Summons Epic Soundtrack

Square Enix has revealed its plans to drain even more hard-earned yen from the Final Fantasy fanatic, announcing the official Final Fantasy XIII original soundtrack. It comes in two pricey flavours, one more deluxe and limited than the other.

The standard edition of composer Masashi Hamauzu's score to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game comes on four discs and in an attractive slipcase for an asking price 3990 yen (about $49). The more deluxe-ified package, dubbed the "First Cut Limited Edition", features a fifth disc, fancier packaging and a heftier price tag of 5250 yen (about $65).

That deluxe package costs nearly as much as US consumers will spend on the full release of Final Fantasy XIII, probably a bit more when import fees are considered. But with Square Enix suggesting a retail price of 9240 yen (about $114), it seems like a bargain!

If you're on the fence about importing yourself some FFXIII music, you can listen to some samples of the OST at the newly launched Japanese site.

Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack [Square Enix via Andriasang]


    call me sad but I'm looking to the soundtrack to this game just as much as the game itself :P I might actually grab the limited edition... sure it's just as expensive as a game but I often get alot of playtime out of these albums :D

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