Final Fantasy XIII's Sazh Cosplay In Japan

Sazh Katzroy. You know, the FFXIII dude with the afro, dual pistols and the chocobo chick living inside said afro. He's also got an adorable kid, and now, a hardcore cosplayer.

Snapped at the recent Jump Festa in Japan, this cosplayer didn't stop at the costume, oh no, but sports a solid effort at the Sazh afro. We like the pose, and the plastic bag is pretty neat, too!

[JUMP FESTA '10]リアルすぎるFF13サッズのレイヤー [Kotaku Japan]


    That guy deserves lots of cookies.

    Never understood cosplaying, you dress up and stand around in the cosplay pen and then now what...... stand around some more?

    And then you get the women

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