Final Fantasy XIV Features Robust Character Creator

Square Enix's upcoming MMO Final Fantasy XIV features a character editor that can be described as robust - with emphasis on bust.

The creator allows for a variety of skin tons, eye colours, lip colours, hair colours and styles, tattoos, facial scars as well as waist, hip and bust size. Of course, these sorts of character creators have become increasingly standard and now they're in FFXIV.


    i always think its funny how japanese games never have japanese looking people in them, do they hate their own look?? im curious..

      Actually this is still no different to the original online game.

      I was thinking that they'd finally put some bigger female proportions onto their characters.

      But alas, they are still the same.

        I'm pretty impressed with Square Enix how they haven't gone the route i seem to see most japanese games going; which is boobs so ridiculously large the female characters get a s[in off game involving them bouncing around on a beach in bikinis and getting wet.

          I agree. I'm impressed that they've made the breasts look very realistic and not some horrible exaggeration.

    This is the kind of thing I actually really enjoy about online games. I dunno, maybe I'm weird or something, but I like just messing around with designing people and their outfits, as well as the way their appearance changes as you collect new items and equipment.

    I signed up for the FFXIV beta and I really hope they consider my application.

    Raise your hand if you thought "bigger breast sizes" when you read a JRPGMMO was going to have a character creation option.
    I sure as hell did

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