Final Fantasy XIV Is Going To Take On WoW

Over the years, many games have tried to take on Blizzard's World of Warcraft directly. Try and stand toe-to-toe with the MMO giant. And all of them have failed.

That's not going to stop Square Enix boss Yoichi "Imperial Hot" Wada from taking a crack, though. Asked by Develop what he thought Final Fantasy XIV's chances were of challenging WoW, he says "WoW is a tough competitor, but whether you are talking about EverQuest, Ultima or Lineage there has never been a company that has a continuously successful number one and two MMO".

As in, the sequel to a big MMO has never been as big as the original.

Taking that to heart, Wada believes that, despite WoW being "tough competition", Final Fantasy XIV could definitely become a "serious rival" to Blizzard's juggernaut.

And why not! It's always the second game in a series that tanks, not the 14th!

Final Fantasy XIV a serious WoW rival, says Wada [Develop]


    I love it how everyone compares mmos to WoW, like a game can't NOT sell a billion copies and still be successful.

    It depends, the Japanese game development firms often don't really do a lot 'for the consumer'. So I guess we'll see if they'll make an experience that's worth the time and money. After all, a successful MMO or any game for that matter is one that has room for communities to flourish. Take EVE Online or TF2 for example.

    Not only is int the 14th (by their count) title but it's the 2nd MMO unless I'm mistaken. Shouldn't that mean by their own logic it'll have even less players then FFXI

    dayum i dont know why they bother the kind of people who play WoW are the kind of people who like consistency thats why they always go back to WoW its familiar territory

    It has arrived to the point where a lot of seasoned WoW players are on the look out for something new. Each time Blizzard release a new expansion for WoW, the sheen of their game gets that little bit more dull.

    When I run into players in other MMOs (Aion, FFXI), the response is always the same i.e. "WoW is a good game, but I got bored and want to try something new".

    Will FFXIV make a dent in WoW's user base? No, probably not. But what it will do, is give those that are bored of WoW, something new to sink our teeth in.

    Final Fantasy XIV Beta Test Application Site is now available.

    See the official website for more details.

    Hahahahahaha... no.

    Get in line behind Guild Wars, Warhammer Online, Aion, Age of Conan, Tabula Rasa, and all the other big name MMO's that claimed to be able to dethrone WoW.

    WoW is the king, and will only die of natural causes

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