First Dead Space 2 Screen(s) Venture Into Scary 3D

Your first online peek at Isaac Clarke in Dead Space 2 has arrived, a 360 degree look at the necromorph dismemberment engineer that requires Microsoft's Silverlight plug-in and a dose of patience.

GameInformer has the first comprehensive look at Clarke in his newer, sleeker, more jetpack-accessorised space suit, and at least one unfamiliar necromorph. Fight against the Silverlight and Photosynth-powered screenshot viewer a bit and you'll also get a peek at some of the environment from the sequel and what appears to be a flood of teenaged necromorphs bearing down on poor Mr Clarke.

What do you think of Isaac's new duds?

Dead Space 2 In 3D [Game Informer]


    Pretty cool way to present a screenshot. I've been waiting to see some good use of Microsoft's Synth thing for some time now and this looks to be it. I hope more games use this for screenshots.

    I agree, very cool way to show off a screenie but the res could be higher.
    Now i gotta say dead space was one of my favourite games last year and i was pumped for a sequel but after seeing this screen i am hugely dissapointed.
    His suit looks all futuristic and slick not at all like the cool industrial suit from the first.
    The enviroment looks like a cathedral or something. Seems like he's taking the fight to the necromorphs homeplanet or something .
    THe aspect I loved from the first was the cold, isolated, industrial atmosphere it had going for it. This one looks more like Dark Void then Resident Evil.
    I don't wanna jump the gun here, but just as it looked like EA was turning a new leaf they go right back to there idiotic selves. Tis a shame. I would have loved this to become a cult franchise...

    As long as you have to wear those glasses the chances of 3D kicking off is slim, sure it may be popular right now, but i think it’s just a phase, remember the 3D craze of the mid 60’s? Everyone loved 3D back then. And as soon as the craze was over 3D was nowhere to be seen for 40 years.

    From what i hear Sony are coming out with a 3D TV next year that doesn’t need the glasses. So yea that could be good.

    what the hell is he doing to Gollum?

    Hang on.. wasn't he killed by a necromorph at the end of #1 after he boarded the escape ship? Perhaps this isn't Isaac, thus the non-industrial suit.

      Tis a bit unclear what happens to Isaac in the the ending he does get attacked by his gf-turned-necromorph and it cuts away there, it doesn't actually show him getting killed. And seeing that he sees his gf throughout the game was a fiction of his imagination/ hallucination , cause she was actually dead all along, I could imagine the necromorph virus( or whatever it is ) is still alive with him in the escape pod. So maybe where ever he now goes he will just restart the infection and madness, so the only logical thing for him to do is go on a suicide mission to the home planet of the beings who made the Marker to destroy it once and for all. Untill Dead Space 3 of course ;P
      Dunno just speculation, I could be totally wrong of course. But yeah as I said it is actually unclear if Isaac is dead, it does not show him dieng just being attacked.

      The ending

      It was already given in a press release that Isaac Clark is alive. Heard this on the Giant Bombcast, though forgot where the actual source came from. I'll try to look for it if it is out in the open, but I'm totally sure that is Isaac.

    Eh, I still haven't finished Dead Space... was kind of disappointed with it really. It looks identical to Doom 3, but plays completely different... and I'm yet to be scared by a game since I played Doom 3, lol...

    Couldn't see the 3D pic though, I don't think my computer likes web plugins... I can't play Quake Live either for the same reason.

      Yeah Dead Space wasn't scary, more eerie and isolated.
      Doom 3 however scared the bejesus outta me in 2003!

    Best. Screenshot Preview. Ever!

    With Issac's new duds however, he now reminds me of Grey Fox from MGS. lol

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