Five Minutes Of Command & Conquer 4 Gameplay

Here's what it looks like to play the upcoming Command & Conquer 4. Please note, that despite the video commentary, you will not be able to play as a fence. It's best sticking with NOD or GDI.


    Nice, looking forward to everything but the mechs. I hate mech based games and was very disappointed in Tiberium Sun, thankfully, they minimized that in C&C3, and now it's back in C&C4...

      Mixed bag... really mixed bag... just as I saw something I liked I saw something I hated. The whole capturing thing reminded me too much of "Spore"s system of capturing for some reason, I don't know why. Really didn't like how it was explained or put forward. That said, I liked the idea of gaining heavy units from the battlefield, raiding old tech etc, that looks pretty neat. I'm eager to see where they take this, but unfortunately I guess after the shit-tastic Red-alert 3 I'm not holding a lot of hope...

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