From The VGA Red Carpet: Mark Hamill Hints At Arkham 2

Kotaku's Michael McWhertor is in L.A. for tonight's video game awards. He says he just caught up with Adrian Ripburger Mark Hamill, who told him he was asked to do a trailer for a sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Mike says he went to the Rocksteady guys for confirmation, who said only "they're working on something really exciting."

Taken literally, this confirms a trailer, not an actual game in development. If it is a game, that's hardly a shock - an incredibly successful, well reviewed game paired with a label that loves sequels, go figure. So, from Col. Blair's Luke Skywalker's mouth to your ears, there you go.


    hehehe there were 2 reasons i clicked on this link, one because arkham 2 looks awesome, and the main get a bigger screenie of the guy from full throttle, i miss that game!

      Top top top game that one. Ripburger was a funny bastard...kinda.

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