From The VGAs: Sequels Announced For Force Unleashed, True Crime

At the Video Game Awards, Samuel L. Jackson just took the stage (describing himself as a "bad arse motherf—-er") to announce Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2.

The trailer featured a Vader vs. Yoda voice over, Starkiller fighting a beast muuuuch larger than a Rancor, but no gameplay, and no release date. Earlier in the day a Kotaku tipster emailed us describing exactly this trailer. The tipster said the game is being developed internally at LucasArts and will be out in late 2010. "It is everything the first game could/should have been and a lot lot more (online support!)" the tipster wrote.

Earlier, if you guessed that the mystery spike VGA teaser from late November, and the deep cover detective game set in Hong Kong that it depicted, was in fact Activision's True Crime, then give yourself a gold star. The game is being developed by United Front Games.


    FFS, they complain that not enough people bought the first one, so they brought out some shitty 1.5 edition (not even) to catch up on sales - clearly they made enough money if they're considering a sequel!

    Don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly excited about this (I was one of the few that bought the original AND imported the USE), but I have absolutely no idea how it's going to work. Force Unleashed finished on a, uh... well it's not really possible to continue the story, yet if that's Starkiller up there...

    OK so you could use the whole "it's set inbetween level x and y of the first game" but for christ sakes he uses two lightsabers in that teaser! Where was that in the original?!

    Bah. I am not making much sense FINISH COMMENT NOWWWW

      thay said its everythin g the first should have been so am i to think thay there removing the linear hack and slash ala lord of the rings games.
      well if so thats awsome a game like TFu could really benefit from open world sandbox + RPG elements

    Gee, maybe they'll put in all the stuff that was in the Wii version that they took out for the 360/PS3 version, like multiplayer duels, that really should have stayed in.

    While I loved TFU... really? A sequel? Did they even notice the ending?!?

    I wonder if they'll spit in our faces by re-releasing TFU2 with unique content like they did the first time...

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