Gamer, Rapper Game's New Tattoo

Rapper Game's future tattoo, The Evolution of Gaming, as seen on Thanks mvab10.


    im not convinced

      So what happens when the next gen of controllers come out. Just keep adding to it. Tattoos that date are not a good idea.

      So where does the Wiimote fit in?

        are you for real dawg?
        wiimotes are not gangsta, foo!

    I remember the skull controller, it was rad.

      is that the NES lightgun?

        uhhh.... no it isn't, it's a real gun. he's trying to be all gangsta

          run sarcasm.exe

          Actually, its a drawing depicting a gun. :P

    Love how the 360 controller is the main focus. Most likely cause its the best a controller has come on the console.

    I just think it is funny that Weed started it all.

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