Gamers 4 Croydon Membership Drive Declared Huge Success

Gamers 4 Croydon Membership Drive Declared Huge Success

gamers 4 croydon logo whiteOver the weekend, Australia’s first gamer rights political party held a membership drive in Adelaide, recruiting support in its effort to oust South Australian Attorney-General Michael Atkinson from his state seat of Croydon. It proved a huge success.

“All up, it was a very encouraging weekend,” says Gamers 4 Croydon’s Chris Prior. “The total number of members included in the submission to Electoral Commission SA was 241, with more still coming in. That’s well past the 150 required.”

Chris and party co-founder David Doe set up recruitment desks in four venues over two days, from shopping centres to LAN events. In a delicious display of schadenfraude, one of the LAN events was held in the same parkland at the centre of corruption allegations directed at Atkinson’s office.

“The fact that we were literally a stone’s throw from Croydon electorate, and in the park Michael Atkinson has been under pressure for was just too poetic,” says Prior.

Doe told me the response from non-gaming parents was overwhelming.

“The biggest battle here will be informing parents that there is no R18+ rating and that games being rated as such overseas are being shovelled into the MA15+ rating inappropriately. When they find out who has been blocking its introduction, their responses ranged from shocked, to embarrassed, to angry that they didn’t know this was the case. In almost every instance after I’d told them, they’d say “But films have an R rating.”

Gamers 4 Croydon lodged its application to the Electoral Commission on Monday and Doe expects the party to be officially registered once that process is finalised.

“We’ve raised over $5,000 in donations for campaign material and have over 500 members nationally in the party. I want to thank you and everybody who has helped make this possible. Without the efforts of our grass-roots volunteers, we wouldn’t be in the position we find ourselves today.”

“Next step is sending out membership packs and organising the internal workings of the party,” adds Prior. “That means finding people willing to give up some of their gaming time to help out on the Council, and we’ve already got some people lined up for this. There are a few potential candidates – for both the lower and upper house – but the final call on who they’ll be is up to the party members. We’re also planning attendance at further LANs, including Reloaded.”

Remember, you can show your support by making a donation via the Gamers 4 Croydon website. You can also follow their efforts on Facebook and Twitter.


  • Its really good what they are doing. Because really Atkinson is the only person in the country stopping an R rating for games because of his state seat. From what i know he is the only Attorney-General in the country to disagree with changing these laws. Once he is gone we are home free.

  • Get ready for the crazy old coot to dig his heels in, he’s going to get nasty.

    He has too much of his pride hanging out in the wind on this one.

    He believes he’s doing the right thing as well, he’s completely convinced himself that he’s the vanguard of decency protecting the poor stupid unwashed masses of Australia from foreign depravity.

  • Nah, I don’t like it. They need a lot more, at this point all they’re gonna do is split up the votes against Atkinson, if even that.
    But, they took a great stance on the R18+ issue, translating it in a way that concerns parents. Games rated R overseas gets MA here because of Atkinson? that’s a sentence that needs to be spread a LOT. It undermines his stance on the issue, the ‘FOR THA KIDS’ he blurts out whenever it comes up. Surely there’s a newspaper or other sort of method that’ll help? A Current Affair or some such crappy show, they’ll lap that up. give them examples and such or something.
    Looking at the Electoral Information section of their site, they’ve got a lot of uphill work ahead of them if they want to stand a chance. God speed, gentlemen.

    • Even if they just get out there and provide a different view to Atkinson’s on the issue, then this is a success.

      We need to educate the Public as to the fact that games that should be R18+ are being shoehorned into the MA15+ because the Classification Board has a broken system to work with.

      Its not their fault either, they’re trying to work within an outdated framework…

      I applaud these guys and hope they get out there more and inform the public that this rating will be more beneficial than not having it.

    • “Splitting the vote” doesn’t happen in australia, we operate on a preferential rather than first past the post voting system.

      i.e. an “against vote” that has G4C as #1 is likely to put atkinson last on their ballot so he doesn’t benefit from their vote at all even if G4C doesn’t get up.

  • viva la revolution

    if this goes through and works, we have one less thing people will bag us about being an aussie gamer, now just the cost and internet issue…..

  • Good job team.
    I actually found it intereting when looking at it from the perspective of the parents wanting an R rating so less games would get in under MA15. intertesting to think a game that prob should be R rated but isn’t so it is actually available to younger audiences as a result compared to other countries. Seems to be against what even Atkinson is working toward.

  • The funniest thing is atkinson said they would only get a couple of member. The question is, can this guy become anymore of an idiot?

  • This is great to hear. I was honestly skeptical as to how effective the campaign would be, but even if all it does is raise awareness of this issue to people who don’t know about it, that’s good enough for me.

    From what it sounds like, people in Atkinson’s electorate don’t even know the issue exists, much less that he’s the one preventing the rating from going through. Even if G4C can’t beat Atkinson (which they almost definately won’t) maybe the pressure from informed voters will help sway Atkinson’s opinion on the matter.

  • Thank you guys for informing the public. I think the best thing that resulted from this campaign – ironically thanks to Atkinson, is the greater awareness of games and their legislation within the general public, particularly parents.

  • I think G4C will soon realise any effect that they may have on Atkinson when he starts the teasing game. Mentioning it, laughing it off etc…

    He did say (i think i re-call) he wasn’t afraid and encourages the competition. But if he starts thinking, theirs a slight chance of defeat, he is definitely going to go out on a limb and play nasty.

    Teaching and making parents understand is great way of getting the message across. Wish G4C all the luck! Although this topic isn’t important in other peoples lives, it is important to people like us, the gamers. Hopefully they can understand it for when parents children grow up etc.. and think, we should have the right to choose what is mature for ourselves and what is too violent etc…

    Oh and i love the logo reference!

    • Honestly, him playing nasty is more likely to help us than hurt us.

      And I think you under-estimate how important it could be to parents, who are a very large demographic.

  • Good cause and all, but really guys a party based on video games influencing parliament? Thats probably the last type of people I’d want running the place.

    • As opposed to a couple of parties based on mutual back-scratching and tradition?

      Whats the bloody difference?

      And hey, its not like these jokers are running for PM mate its just a seat to get atkinson the fuck out of our hair and off to some ultra-conservative monestary in the mountains somewhere.

    • I guarantee even if G4C managed to remove Atkinson (never going to happen) a minor party holding a single seat in the lower house will have no influence whatsoever.

      • Actually, in some circumstances, a minor party holding a single seat in the lower house can decide who forms government. But we’re also running a candidate or two for the upper house, something that has a very good chance of succeeding, and will allow a significant amount of influence.

        Beyond that, any seat, or even a sizable chunk of votes will be good publicity for gamers, and a chunk out of Atkinson’s argument.

  • So far, Mr Atkinson believes he’s just up against a bunch of gamers.

    The gamers started this argument because we’re constantly reminded of the lack of an R18+ rating. But, if I’m reading right, G4C is changing the fight from Atkinson vs Gamers to Atkinson vs Concerned Parents (some of whom also happen to be Gamers). The same concerned parents that are going to discover that they have an AG who thinks he knows what is good for their children better than they do and that his actions are placing completely inappropriate material in the hands of their children as a result.

    And that’s what will win votes for G4C. Or at the very least against Mr Atkinson.

  • Awesome work so far guys!

    This would make an amazing documentary. Get some student film makers in on it to help showcase this fight…

    It could have much greater reach and any canny student filmmakers could realise this might be an excellent way to kickstart a film career if the issue takes off and starts getting more and more coverage in Australia.

    I would love to see a well made film of this David & Goliath story…

  • I think you guys need to focus on getting an active membership, who will take the time to hit the pavement and inform people (especially parents) of the facts on the issue, and that Atkinson is blocking it. That should put far more pressure on him than all of the hate mail he has received.

  • I’m not going to celebrate until Atkinson is out but things are definitely looking good for both gamers and non gamers in aus.

    This is practically history in the making. 😀

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