Gamers Not Happy With Japanese Modern Warfare 2

Yes, Famitsu narrowly gave Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 a perfect score, but Japanese gamers do not appear happy with the Japanese version. Here's why:


The game is dubbed in Japanese. Many Japanese players are saying the voice track sounds "cheap", and that it's hard to follow what is going on. (Not that the English version is any easier!) Other players are unset that the game does not appear to have English language options and have been saying they will not be buying the Japanese version. The sentiment is similar to Western players who would rather play JRPGs in Japanese with English language subtitles.

The online voice track for the Japanese version seems particularly annoying as well. Worse yet, according to one screenshot, the controversial section "No Russian" apparently has the line "Remember, no Russian" written as "Kill, the Russians" in Japanese.

Sure, technically, that's what you are there to do in this scene: Kill the Russians, but some Japanese players are upset as this changes the meaning of this section slightly — not to mention misses the point of the "No Russian" title.

And, thus, Photoshops like this have been appearing on the Japanese internet!

But Kotaku Japan notes, playing the Japanese language version might be different that watching a gameplay clip — meaning, it might be easier to follow.


    Did they not consider that sometimes things don't translate well.

    If you translated a Final fantasy game straight from Japanese, you'd probably get the weirdest most awkward lines ever in the game. But its not like the isn't already like that.

      Considering it was Square Enix who was publishing and takes care of the language localisation, then they really should have done a better job. If it was a FF game the language wouldn't have been as bad. They have been localising the FF series for western audiences for years, with better than average results so this is like a slap in the face for the japanese consumers.

      plmko, are you trying to suggest that it's impossible to convey the phrase "Remember, no Russian" in Japanese? Of course it's not - while there are some languages that have concepts that are difficult to translate concisely, this is pretty clearly not one of those concepts.

      It's just lazy localisation, and the Japanese have every right to be pissy about it. And don't think it's the first time, or that they're the only ones - this sort of thing happens around the world.

    I wonder if Japanese gamers are aware that is how we've been feeling for years...

    I don't think you guys understand. MW2 was hard enough to follow in the original version. You needed both audio and subtitles in order to follow just what the hell is going on most of the time, and even that was not enough.

    If the Japs only got subtitles to rely on, how the hell are they supposed to follow then??

    The dubbing is there to help you understand orders and objectives without having to divert your attention away from the Michael Bayesque moments. Not to mention most people just can't read that fast.>__>

    Also gameplay dialogue aren't subtitled in this game, only story subtitles/objective subtitles are; things like,

    "Two TANGOs behind the yellow wagon!!"

    won't be understood, if there were no dubbing.

    Lol, I thought they'd be more annoyed at the fact that the characters aren't androgynous lady-men with massive swords and disproportionate hair...?

    No really though, I get why they're pissed about not having the English language as an option... I remember a friend a while back made me play through Enchanted Arms *shudders* and the English actors... every line was cringable... as awful as it was, it seemed to make more sense in Japanese with subtitles, it only becomes weird when it's translated... and I guess it works the other way as well. If the actors are good enough, it shouldn't matter what language it's in, because it all comes down to the emphasis and emotion. I guess when you try and "localise" a game, it just doesn't cut it.

    i plan to study japanese in uni to take advantage of all things related to jap>english gaming and movies.

    This is stupid, this has been happening to us for years with a sizeable cunck of out AAA game market and nobody cared, but it happens to them with one AAA title and they cry about it, go cry me a river.

    surely they can just go ahead and appreciate all the game code that has been written and how difficult that is in itself ... I love gran turismo!! but they have very little trouble with translations!

    @plmko: You're right. I know a bit of Japanese and some things that are translated literally are completely different. For example the work for smart in japanese is Atamanoii. But if you translate in literally it is "Good Head".

      That's true enough, the Japanese word for "cool" (kakkoii) translates literally to "Good Appearance", but that isn't the same here.

      The problem here is that the entire point of this line is a pun. That somewhat ironic joke in terms of story and setting is important and it has been lost with the translation. there really isn't a whole lot of excuse for that, as if ever there were a language set up for puns, it's Japanese.

      Or atama ga ii (頭が良い), or kashikoi (賢い) Seriously, after living in Japan for 4 years, this article has brought a smile to my face. Take that Japan! This is how it feels! To illustrate my point, I will share 3 of my favourite Engrish expressions I have come across in the last few years (personally, not found on the net)

      1. A girls T-Shirt that had a picture of a cute bunny with a speech bubble saying "Dwarf Bravery"
      2. A hat in a department store with a picture of a frog saying "I'm so happy I could just shit"
      3. A popular brand of biscuits called 'Creamy Collon'

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