GameStop Clerk Shot During Robbery

An employee at the GameStop store in Orange County, Florida, was shot earlier today during an armed robbery.

Shortly after opening this morning an armed man entered the store, held the employee and a customer at gunpoint while waiting for a security timer on the store's safe to expire, stole a Wii and several games then shot the clerk in the leg as he made his escape.

Thankfully the employee - who was fully cooperative during the ordeal and did not in any way resist - was not seriously hurt. Clerk Shot During Game Stop Robbery [WFTV]


    They sold out on his preordered copy of Battletoads. I would shoot someone too

    This is very unfortunate. At least the poor guy's not too badly hurt.

    Someone who buys a Wii has the ability to shoot someone? I don't know what to believe in anymore

      Well he didn't exactly buy it...

      Shot in the leg is still a big deal and this absolutely sucks.

        I would have expected this kind of violent behaviour from an XBOX360 or PS3 owner, what, with all them violent titles affecting their behavior. Not from somebody who wants to play a Wii!

        (Can you FEEL the sarcasm?)

    man he's going to be so disappointed when he realises how boring the wii is, he'll no doubt return it and steal something better next week, either than or come in and steal a wii motion plus.

    Stupid Nig, no need to shoot the clerk.

    Hopefully he get Rodney kinged when the cops catch up with him.

    I wonder if the gun and bullets cost more than the Wii?

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