Gears Of War Buffs Up Games On Demand

Epic Games' huge dude shooter Gears of War has been added to the list of Xbox 360 games available "on demand", in the unlikely event that you don't already have the seminal third-person chainsaw and shoot 'em up.

The damage is $US19.99, more or less in your currency, and takes an impressive 6GB worth of hard drive space. That's the one potential snag in this digital distribution wonderland isn't it? I mean, I like to have an extra 20GB worth of extra space, in case of emergency. But, hey, Gears of War is a fun bit of violence and it sure does look nice, so if you prefer your games distributed this way, have at it.

Kotaku AU Note: It's $AU29.95 on the Aussie marketplace.

Gears of War [Xbox Live Marketplace]


    That's actually a reasonable price for our Games On Demand service. But it's still cheaper in stores. On the note of that, my 120GB HDD is starting to fill up.. maybe it's time to get a 250GB... Does anyone know if they're available for sale seperate, and if so, how much?

    Also, well done Epic for providing an instant-classic on Games on Demand.

      I THINK i asked this once or something along the lines.
      I'm pretty sure David responded in a way that, MS are trying to rid of majority of their stock of 20GB or something before they release their 250GB.

      Otherwise its only 120GB or 250GB Special Edition Consoles.

      Not entirely sure, but i'm sure Dave responded as if to say expect the 250GB soon enough.

    Lets hoep we see more games hit GOD like this.. This system will be nice when we dont have usage quota OR games get released at retailers and GOD at once... like steam its where the big choices are made...

    I'd be interested if they bundle games eventually like steam... like packing together the 06' lineup games in a cost effective group. That said, i'd like to see the older games priced accordingly.

      Yeah, hopefully Microsoft will eventually release the back-catalogue of loved but old games on GOD. I think they should offer a more convenient way to transfer your data from your HDD, and offering a 500GB version. If these games are taking up a few GB each hit, then we're going to need big storage spaces for it.

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