Gears Of War Movie Talks About His Vision For Emergence Day On Film

Wyck Godfrey, producer of the Gears of War movie adaptation, has thoughts about the transition of the Xbox 360 game's transition to the big screen. These are those thoughts.

"The hard part is to make [Gears of War]into something that doesn't feel like a world torn asunder and people just in battle," Godfrey tells Making Of. "I think we really want to focus on the idea of a world that's running well and then it's Emergence Day."

Godfrey says he pictures the film, to be directed by Len Wisemann, telling a story of the survival of "those 48 hours" following Emergence Day, likening the experience to 2008's big monster movie Cloverfield.

He also says this. Help me decipher it.

"Trying to tell the epic story of an alien planet that's living in a horrific environment just feels like the wrong move right now," Godfrey says.

If that means something to you, please, let us know your interpretation in the comments.

Wyck Godfrey reveals Gears of War details [Making Of via Kokugamer]


    "Trying to tell the epic story of an alien planet that’s living in a horrific environment just feels like the wrong move right now"

    My guess is that he feels thats trying to tell the whole story of gears of war in 2 or so hours would be the wrong move. He's going to focus on the event that would make the most interesting movie.... well would make it a disaster movie instead of a war movie. Which honestly im fine with, non-stop war works well for historical events (ww2 movies etc) but for completly fictional things it can be kinda silly.

    To me that means they can't do an epic movie with a massive budget and thousands of cgi locust and run-down environments, giant worms etc. so they'd rather have a horror-don't-see-much kinda movie instead. Also the set wouldn't have to be all torn up and damaged if set on emergence day/just after emergence day, and that equals less money...or it could mean they won't do the movie for a few more years. I'm gonna say it means we won't see a movie at all until someone throws alot more cash at it...same thing goes with the Halo movie.

    The movie studios seem reluctant to make game-movies these days due to the huge flops of recent years (in terms of revenue from the movies, critical reception has no bearing).

    Then make a 48-hour movie?

    24 do it with a TV show, so ner!

    But i don't think Gears of War CAN be translated into a movie that isn't just people fighting in a war. Cause thats all the game is. The story fails miserably, especially with Dom.

    But if its made by Michael Bay or LIKE a Michael Bay film, then it will be awesome. I don't want them ATTEMPTING and failing to make a Gears of War with fighting but some sloppy serious tone. Just embrace it and make a special effects film.

    I think what he actually means is that he does not want to head into the backstory of the locust civilization so much and instead focus on emergence day and the events which occur directly during and after, similarly how in Cloverfield it shows the incidents as they happen and the devistation caused to the general public. Would be more appropriate to use something like war of the worlds as an example in this case.

    I'm sorry, alien planet? As little as the story may appear isn't GOW set upon Earth with the locust digging up onto the surface? Does this sound like a another hollywood-game-movie or what? I too reckon it is an interesting point to make the movie about E-Day;
    but is it going to follow the story in the game or is it the writers idea of might of happened in the game? Multi-million dolar DVD release?
    (questions questions questions)

      Gears of War takes place on a planet called Sera that, presumably, the human race colonised at some point. We set up shop on a Locust planet without realising it, I guess.

        actually they never "colonized" it. they have always been there. there is no "earth" in the gears universe. the human homeworld was always sera

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