Gee... Thanks, Grandma...?

Remember kids, some products exist purely to victimise the clueless. Like this four DVD set with a familiar name. Although, to be fair, it is playable on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Seen via Ripten.


    My grandma bought me animal fur rugs. I'm vegan.
    Thanks gran.

      Why's that a problem? You weren't planning on eating the rugs (animal fur or otherwise), were you?

      Oh, and please keep all tasteless comments about "rug eating" to yourselves. Cheers.

        Hahaha, you beat me to it.

        Wow. You totally know what a Vegan is... You're awesome...

          someone who betrays all his natural instincts!

          yeah i got it right. That is one clever as cover :S

        Actually, lots of vegans do not wear/use any animal products either. My ex doesn't wear any real leather shoes, etc. Hell, a friend used her spoon to eat meat once and she literally threw it away.

          Your friend is an idiot.

    Oooh... Navy Seals!

      My nan gave me this game where you club Navy Seals to death. I'm vegan. :(

        My nan gave me a game where you club vegans, I'm a seal. :(

          My game gave me a vegan where you sealnan's, I'm a club. :(

          My nan gave me a club where you game vegans, I'm a seal. :(

          Sorry at your expense wepoo, but it's hilarious.

            My seal gave me a wepoo where you vegan clubs, I’m a lesbian. :(

            Lets keep this going please!

              My lesbian vegan gave me a club where you seal games. Im a marine. :(

                My vegan gave me a club where you can modern nans, I'm Warfare. :(

                  i'm a pc? wait wrong convo.

      You beat me to it.

      I need to go watch Clerks again.

      I don't think that's the most excellent Biehn/Sheen 'NAVY SEALS' movie somehow...

    Looks like one of those $2 DVD's. I swear the directors of those movies must be worse than Uwe Boll.

    Reminds me of a loooooong time ago when my grandma asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said I wanted a Gameboy game... she went into the shop and asked for a "Playboy"... true story. Luckily they knew what she meant and everyone had a good laugh :p

      Haha, well at least if you'd gotten a Playboy you still would've enjoyed it for a lot longer a Gameboy game would've kept your imagination... ;)

    Not only are they taking advantage of 'Modern Warfare', but their interpretation of the word 'untold' is pretty shameless as well...

    Heheh that's pretty cool. I can imagine some kid opening that for Christmas, Gran has a smile of expectation on her face, and the rest ends up on Funny stuff.

    Also to be fair, it came out July 2009

    Meaning long after COD MW1, and before COD MW2 by 4 months.

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