Geometry Wars Meets Project Natal?

This is supposedly video of somebody playing Geometry Wars via Project Natal. Emphasis on the supposedly, in case you missed the italics first time around.

A Destructoid reader reckons this was shot at a "Christmas Party", though that's where the information dries up. On the "could be" side of things, there's lag at several points, and even a freeze, both issues that are reportedly affecting early development for the camera.

On the "probably not" side, however, is the fact at several instances the movement of the guy's hands have no bearing whatsoever on what's happening on-screen.

Whichever the case may be, it's still an interesting look at how Natal has the potential to change the way you approach a game. Normally, Geometry Wars is a raw shooter, a seat-of-the-pants kind of affair. Combine it with Natal, though, and - provided that's how you'd actually control the game - it suddenly becomes a more synaesthetic experience, as you move from "player" to "conductor".

Is this a Natal-powered game of Geometry Wars? [Destructoid]


    So Natal will make us all look like bad rave dancers ?

    Quite interesting if this was actually true though. I find Geometry wars so frantic. Interacting with it this was seems almost like ballet with your hands.

    I am so hesitant to embrace any form of camera based motion tracking. There are just so many things that can interfere with the signal and cause an entire game moment to be ruined. Sony's mocontroller is more likely to be successful as it uses a controller that will be extremely hard to replecate by the environment. Natal on the other hand could be distracted by a cat walking past on the screen.

    Judgement shall have to be reserved until we can all have a play.

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