German Artists Send Billboards To Their Doom!

A Tribute to id Software's Doom, as seen on Flickr via Nerdcore. Thanks, teknohed!


    Ironic that if it were actually a game, you probably couldn't play it in Germany ;)

    Awesome! Now I have the Doom E1L1 music stuck in my head...

      which is just basically a rip of metallica - master of puppets

        That's what I love about Doom's music though... you hear a bit of everything in it. Especially Slayer, Pantera and 'Tallica, there's even an Alice In Chains song in there... I overheard Megadeth's "Hanger 18" about a year ago for the first time, and I'm like "lol, someone covered the Doom music?"... but no, Id copied THEM...

    Man, I can think of a certain Australian Attorney General who would look good in the background...

      youd have to tweak it i have more than 666% hat for that asshat

    Yeah, Though E1M1's music was not a rip of master of puppets but is actually inspired by No remorse by metallica instead.

    I also have more than 666% of my hats for Atkinson too; I hope he likes my hats and doesn't ban them in Australia too.

    LOL @ the ad. I hope Vodafone paid for the rights to use that image. Also, isn't Germany supposed to be against violence in everything?

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