Get The Gran Turismo 5 Demo A Little Early

While, at time of writing, the Gran Turismo 5 demo is unavailable in the US or PAL territories, it is currently available from the Japanese PlayStation Store. And is 100% "import" friendly.

If you've figured out how to create a Japanese account (here's a guide if you haven't), you can get the demo right now, and do so in the knowledge that the whole thing is in English (like the Prologue demo, it detects your system's language and adjusts accordingly).

Strangely, though, the demo is only a bit over 200mb in size, and is... well, as you'd expect from 200mb in 2009, it's pretty scarce. Actually, it's very scarce, as after only an half an hour I was already bored with it.

Maybe they should have thrown another track in there, maybe add another car or two...


    Why put out a demo when you have Prologue. A game like this stands its own ground anyway, so i never even THOUGHT they would release a demo.

      Its more of a piece to house their competition.

    For those in the know, This game is being released as a competition, Post one of the top 20 lap times in Australia and then go into a comptition to get VIP tickets to next years Indianapolis 500

    The "demo" is for the GT Academy Promotion, so if you kick ass (combined time total of best laps with each car), you maybe invited to take part in the finals and have a chance at winning the opportunity to become an actual race car driver...

    That is pretty much the extent of it, along with a sneak peak of the GT5 physics engine...

    Does it include car damage, or any other new features of GT?

    Half an hour? I didnt even make it around the first lap and got bored, then turned it off..

    I know I won't be one of the 20 fastest, so no point in trying and honestly, the graphics don't look any better than either Forza or even GT5 Prologue..

    This pre-release demo / Nissan GT Academy is awsome. You need to really appreciate Grand Tourismo to get into it. Its not like Need for speed, burnout and all those car games. Download GT HD (free) from the ps3 store if its still there. Play that over and over, slowly winning the better cars and getting faster lap times. It got me really hooked in the potential that GT5 has to offer. So much so that i went and got a steering wheel and mates built me a cockpit.

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