"Get Your Ass Back To Mars" For Quintuple Red Faction XP

Volition has noticed that not many of you are playing Red Faction: Guerrilla online at the moment, and have just launched five days of quintuple experience points in order to lure you back to Mars for the holidays.

It's hammer time! Every game has triple and double XP weekends these days. Volition wanted to take things a step further with its "Get Your Ass Back to Mars" event. From today through December 21st, logging in and blowing things and people up will net you five times the normal experience points, meaning that getting 50 achievement points or a gold trophy for hitting 100,000 XP will be easier than ever, not to mention unlocking the fabled ostrich hammer at 120,000 points.

During the event, be sure to follow the Red Faction Twitter for chances to score free downloadable content codes, which make great virtual stocking stuffers, possibly.


    I'd be back there in a second if there wasnt the horrendous 3 second online lag for us Aussies.

      Lets get a aussie crew going and make our own games...
      //fkcu america


          Yeah.. but im on the PS3, and i have an Asian copy of the game

    Promotion = Success... will be firing this one up for some destruction!

    Well, I probably would play, except my steam copy was released, then unreleased, then delayed, then delayed again and is currently still unreleased, despite it being on the shelves in every goddamn game store I see. According to Volition it isn't released in my territory...

    So no XP for me. Just want to give a big shout out to Steam and Volition for making this incredible fuck up possible!

    This game is one of the few ones I actually really enjoyed multiplayer, due to all the different modes and the speed, you never sit around on your thumbs for long. Might jump back in...

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