Get Your Fists On Super Street Fighter IV At Vegas Preview Event

Those with a need/desire to get their hands on Super Street Fighter IV should pack their bags and head for Vegas, as Capcom will soon be hosting a public event/fight club for the game.

The event will take place on January 7, at Planet Hollywood. All the game's new characters will be playable, the catch being you need to apply for a ticket and that you need to be 18+ to get in.

Full details for those interested below.

Super Street Fighter IV Las Vegas Fight Club! [Capcom]



    Even the ones that havent been announced? best news ever, i cant wait for jan 7 and find out what characters are in.

    Given that its in Vegas, we can only hope there'll be some good news on Vega lolololol


    No seriously, he's my fav char and he's terrible in SF4. I want some news that he won't die from a few hits and can actually deal decent damage now.

    Yeah, I'm not into fighting games much, but it will be interesting to see the new characters. SSIV is gonna be pretty compeditive (more so than SFIV is now), so I'm definitely going to be interested in how the new characters affect the metagame.

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