Global Agenda Launches In February

Georgia-based Hi-Rez Studios is finally gearing up for the release of their futuristic team-based shooter, cementing a February 2010 release for Global Agenda, with preorder customers gaining guaranteed access to the beta test.

Global Agenda is a combination of free and subscription-based team-based online shooter, but either way you've got to buy the game to play. Hi-Rez has nailed down February 1, 2010 as the launch date for their first big title, with preorder bonuses in store for those who reserve a copy via Steam, or directly from Hi-Rez. Fans putting their money down early get access to the game's closed beta events, a special in-game helmet, and a chance to reserve character and agency names before the masses arrive.

Amazon and Hi-Rez will also be selling a limited edition boxed version of the game, which comes with a poster and a Commonwealth art book, which details the rise of the game's totalitarian government.

Remember, each copy also comes with one month free subscription to the subscription-only Global Agenda: Conquest mode. Check out the difference between free and subscription pay and get more preorder details at the Global Agenda website.


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