God Of War “Ultimate Trilogy Edition” Coming To Australia [Updated]

God Of War “Ultimate Trilogy Edition” Coming To Australia [Updated]

god of war iii picSony released a God Of War Collection in North America last month, and announced the God of War III Ultimate Edition, also just for North America. For PAL territories, including Australia, Sony is going one better.

Instead, we’re getting the God Of War Ultimate Trilogy Edition, essentially a God Of War III special edition that brings together both the Collection and the Ultimate Edition in one box. It will come packaged in a sculpted replica of Pandora’s Box and Sony plans to include the following items inside:

* God of War III
* God of War Collection (God of War and God of War II, remastered in HD, running at 60 fps, with Trophy support, all on one Blu-ray Disc)

Extra game content downloadable via PlayStation Network:
* God of War Combat Arena containing an exclusive environment and seven challenges to complete
* Dominus character skin
* Apollo character skin
* Phantom of Chaos character skin
* Forgotten Warrior character skin

Special video and audio bonus content:
* God of War: Unearthing the Legend Franchise Documentary. This is a full-length documentary downloadable via PlayStation Network detailing the history of the God of War franchise
* God of War Trilogy Soundtrack – God of War, II, and III scores from the game
* God of War: Blood and Metal EP – a heavy metal homage featuring original music inspired by God of War

Additional content:
* Artbook
* Postcards

Pricing details and an exact release date are yet to be confirmed. God Of War III is due for release in Australia in March. Below is a “work in progress” mock-up of the edition’s content.

UPDATE: We’ve learned that this limited edition is in fact exclusive to EB Games. No word on the price as yet.

god of war ultimate trilogy edition


  • I don’t own a ps3 yet – but man i am sooooo all over that!
    I think i may just be stupid enough to order that without a ps3 just because of how awesome that is to me. lol

  • Crap!

    I bought GoW Collection like a week ago… They should’ve announced this earlier <_<

    Anyway, the price will still be a question tho… Considering how rip-off some of the prices are in here, I prob would still go for import…

  • Something tells me we will be paying through the nose for this because of the GoW collection being included (predicts price tag over $160)

  • It’s good news for sure, and I will be getting it, slightly annoyed that only yesterday I paid for the God of War Collection from Play-Asia though

  • Crap!

    I bought GoW collection a week ago. Sony should’ve announced this way earlier <_<

    Wonder if they'll return some money to me if i just want GoW 3 and the collector's edition…

    Talking about it, this better NOT be 1 store exclusive. They rip people off with their crazy prices! (Eb Games $150 AC2 black; Jb $150 NGS2 collector's edition)

    At least if it's on more than 2 stores, it'll be cheaper (GAME and JB $109 Bayonetta collector's edition).

    • Prepare to be disappointed then ’cause the EB website advertizes it as an “EB ECCLUSIVE” so you had better add $30 to whatever you though it was worth. 🙁

  • HOLY SHIT!! i am IN!!
    thats a sweet ass CE right there! i am slowly becoming a sucker for stupid collectors editions too. this sure aint gonna be cheap either. i reckon we’ll be seeing a price similar to mw2 prestige edition.

  • Like others here I got the GoW Collection from Play Asia and have been playing it this week..

    Not too fussed cause the price of this is going to be high and honestly, if you have GoW 3 there, would you really take the time to play GoW 1 & 2 first, even in HD? Im glad I have 3 months to play and clock these games (again) and then move onto GoW 3

  • I bought an import of GOW collection and I’ll get GOW3 when it comes out – who needs the box, the postcard, the cd and all that crap?

  • Wow, we are getting something good for once here! Thanks Sony! I was going to get the GoW collection but now I will just get this!

  • I have been reluctant to bother with GOW. But if all 3 come together then my trophy loving self may just get it if the price is good. Trade in deals are pretty sweet when getting new releases too.

  • Looks great but I can’t see how this won’t be RC here then censored for Aus. Hopefully I’ll be able to order this edition from the uk.

        • well tonight we have seen AvP decision overturned, so in the event of it being banned, Sony would only need to re-submit and claim their game is no worse than AvP…

          anyway, back on why David is “sure”, he’s hinted elsewhere before, while the majority of characters are human like, the premise and context of the story is COMPLETE fiction/fantasy and in NO WAY relatable to ‘real-life’, so high level violence is generally ‘more’ allowable…

          Dante’s Inferno is another perfect example, exactly like God Of War and that received a MA15+…

          the majority of people would probably suggest that games like these would likely get R18+ if there was one available, but there isn’t, sooo good news for us! 🙂

  • Hmm, never before seen a special edition that tempted me but this one is rather interesting. 3 games and soundtrack in a box that I could actually use for other things… yeah might think about getting this

  • …and how much will this little wonder be may I ask?

    I suspect I may have need to star saving a few months ago….

  • Is it going to end up as expensive as the Uncharted 2: Treasure Hunters Edition if I don’t rush out and buy it straight away?

  • The Update makes things interesting. Does the EB-exclusive news mean JB/GAME/Other retailers will get the standard collectors edition without the game to sell? And what about the GoW Collection itself – will that be available seperately at said retailers?

  • This is crazy. Knowing EB games, they’ll prob jack it up to $150 or more. Screw this, I’m not gonna give EB games the pleasures knowing they will rip off people <_<

    I'll get this prob by importing the US version or something.

  • I would go as far to say… oh… $179? since it’s two(?) blu-rays and DLC. And artbook.

    Regardless, I’m totally over this series. Should’ve stopped after GoW 1

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