Gold, Diamond-Covered PS3 Needs A Price Cut

Let's say the world's most expensive Wii doesn't appeal to you. You figure, "If I'm paying $US300,000 for a console, the least it can do is play Blu-Ray". So you instead focus on the world's most expensive PS3.

Made by the same guy, it's covered in gold, emblazoned with 58 diamonds, and costs around $US320,000.

$US320,000. For that kind of price, Ken Kutaragi himself would have to go get a second job to pay for the thing.

Sony PS3 Supreme [Stuart Hughes]


    Some folks have more dollars than sense, don't they?

    Anyone actually going to buy this? Somehow i think anyone who has the kind of money to blow on a $320 000 console has slightly more important things to do than game; namely running england.

      *Running england while playing on a gold, diamond encrusted PS3

      I'm sure Bobby Kotick can afford this.

      Nah, some rapper will probably buy it. May Soulja Boy will get sick of his Xbox? ;)

    Mr Spoon is not interested in any console emblazoned with fewer than 59 diamonds.

    Well at least you wouldn't leave your fingerprints on the gold!

    The beautiful stupidity of it all is that it'll be obsolete in a few years anyway when the PS4 comes out so you'll be left with a diamond encrusted gold doorstop.

    Also, if the PS3 malfuctions and has the yellow light of death, would you be able to tell against the gold casing?

    I can't imagine any sane person buying this, it'd get stolen straight away. Unless you are a rich celebrity looking to show off. (read: crazy)

    If this doesn't come with a free set of steak knives i'll be very, very upset..

    It amazes me, with such horrible stuff going on in this word, that people can have the gall to CREATE let alone buy things like this... It's kind of sickening really...

    Its £100k cheaper than the golden Wii. What a bargain!

    I prefer black than gold anyway...

    If someone's got the money to spare then by all means, it'd be interesting to see who actually takes the plunge.

    But $320,000... that money could be spent in so many better ways >_<

    $320,000... would you prefer a Gold PS3 or a Porsche? At least you can insure the Porsche. If you don't like Porsche for 320,000 there are many many great cars you can buy. Hell you could probaly have somebody make you a Batmobile Replica.

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