Google Bringing Games To YouTube?

Google applied for a patent earlier this year called "Web-Based System for Generation of Interactive Games Based on Digital Videos". Translation: bringing games to YouTube. Interesting.

The application was filed in February, but only published this month. While it's heavy on fluff, the gist of the patent is that Google would like to be able to alter existing YouTube videos in order to create "interactive games" within the service.

There are many possibilities as to what this would leave us with; we could get custom vids created with games in mind, we could get "choose your own adventure" deals, we could get something... else that I just can't wrap my head around at this moment.

Google Might Get Into Hosted Gaming Via YouTube [bnet, via Slashdot]


    Google's really branching out since their acquistion of Youtube, I've seen. First Chrome, then the Android system to compete with the iPhone, now this. It's all well and good for them if it works, and a plus for us consumers since we get variety and different ways to play games etc, but I imagine the possibility of Microsoft acquiring Google/Apple. Then we'd have a dominant computer giant, definitely. But I'm sure there's trade laws or something, I don't know.

    Still, I'm interested to see how this turns out. I'd love choose-your-own-adventure videos on Youtube.

      There's already a few out there... Try this, quite well done (:

    Google need to tread lightly, last time they wanted to add some interactivity in the form of those pop up texts you can add. About 99% of people just used it as a new way to spam you with advertisements while you were watching a video. Youtube is a site for watching videos, games won’t work if you ask me. As for those interactive “games” I have seen on Youtube (anyone remember that street fighter one?). It’s a funny little novelty, but I can’t imagine Youtube having too many of these.

    Try it

    There's already (unofficial) choose your own adventure games on youtube. I played through the interactive video game "Star Trek: Borg" the other night.

    If you ask me, Google's just trying too many things and not breaking enough ground.
    But then that's just my opinion.

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