Got $US200,000 To Spend On A Driving Rig?

The Cruden Hexatech simulator is billed as the ultimate driving sim. Which it had want to be, since it costs $US191,000.

Suspended off the ground by hydraulic rods, the Hexatech can be customised with the car body type of your choice, comes with either three 42-inch screens or two "wrap-around" ones, and costs... yeah, $US191,000.

Regardless of the technology involved - and the clip above shows it's definitely impressive - at that kind of price, it's sadly restricted only to companies with good accountants and celebrities with bad ones.

[Cruden, via technabob]


    Nah, doom on you Mr Tango. It'd be better to get a flight simulator inside an A380 Airbus. :P

    I wonder what that thing does when you crash in Burnout.


      Rolls over very slowly, I mean, if it costs over two hundred grand it should be able to defy gravity.

      A true Burnout fan would know there are no drivers in Burnout, and so you can't play the game without tearing a hole in the space-time continuum.

      There is no spoon...

    I think I left the $191,000 in my other pants.

    I'd love to get one of these made up with a hovership body to play WipEout with!

    I can't imagine anyone paying that amount of money for this when you could afford a sports car with it. Still, this would be awesome to play.

      That is a good point. But then if you have that kind of money to burn you probably already have 10 sports cars. This would also be cheaper to crash.

    But the real question is;

    Does it have Cup Holders?

    I mean if I'm going to fork out $200,000 for a driving sim, I need somewhere to place my cold beverage.

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