Gran Turismo 5 Shooting For "Summer 2010"

Gran Turismo 5 is out in Japan next March. In the West? Sometime later, Sony yet to nail down even a firm release window, let alone a date. Recent comments from SCEA suggest, however, it won't be any time soon.

Sony Computer Entertainment America's Chris Hinojosa-Miranda has told Destructoid that the game is currently - and vaguely - gunning for a "summer 2010" release.

Which, if correct, means June 2010 at the earliest. Bummer.

Wonder if the European version will be out earlier...

Gran Turismo 5 gets targeted for 'Summer 2010' release [Destructoid]



    It takes a long time to translate all the names of those Skylines, you know.

    /snarky comment

    So, we can expect it in december 2010 then? :P

      Summer in the US not Australia, so June at the earliest as the article states

    Oh well, Forza 3 will have to do until next June....... :)

    take about a long development cycle, the only reason they are even saying 2010 is because the success of the Forza series is giving them grief? :P

    With the PS3 being region free, all the die hard fans can import the Jap version. I had the Jap version of GT5 Prologue for a while and it was pretty easy to navigate, theres a fair bit of english and if you have played GT before you know what you're doing.

    Still, it does suck how it won't be out at the same time. It's not like there's tonnes of dialogue to translate like there is in Final Fantasy.

    Forza 3 WILL do til then and even after GT5's release.

    But this is seriously lame and there is NO excuse for it., literally. You may have the excuses when it comes to Final Fantasy etc... which i still think are lame, but this just tops the cake and even the cherry on top of it.

    Jay … if you had any idea of the painstaking process they go through in creating the Gran Turismo series you would have alot more respect! why not google it!

      Oh yes i'm sorry, the part about GT5 being released in Japan in March is false hey.

    Whats this now... 5 or 6 years? Heading into Duke Nukem Forever territory guys lol...

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