Green Day: Rock Band Works With Other Rock Bands

While Green Day: Rock Band sees Harmonix taking yet another page out of Activision's book entitled "How To Make Us Sick Of Your Music Franchise", it does have one advantage over its predecessor, The Beatles: Rock Band.

That game was self-contained. If you wanted to play The Beatles' songs in another version of Rock Band, tough, you couldn't. But Green Day: Rock Band will do nothing of the sort, and will feature "a fully exportable track list that will allow users to play the songs in "Rock Band" and "Rock Band 2" on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation".

Wii users, meanwhile, will just have to make do.

Amazing how the power of technology can make the band appear as if they aren't too old for this stuff.


    im sorry but ive never heard of em.maybe im to old at 29.still, to base a whole game on what souds an average band is just silly.dlc springs to mind.heres a little help harmonix; queen,guns n roses,rolling stones and so day?wtf!!!

      QUEEN would be a very good rockband or guitar hero... Though Why can't they just merge? instead of this split between rockband and guitar hero, But yes queen just have the greatest hits album as dlc and I'll be happy! that and even though some of the songs have been used before guns'n'roses is hard to miss

      Obviously they just arnt one of the bands you normally listen to. They actually started way back in '87, with an actual major brand label release in 1994. They are a great band, just obviously wasnt part of your listening tastes

      How can you have turned on a radio at any point in the last 15 years and NOT heard of Green Day? Or television given the ads for the various albums over the years? Especially given the examples you gave (not grunge/punk but not Hannah Montana either).

    Pity we still can't get the RB->RB2 export code for the PS3 :(

      Yeah very annoying. I spent like AU$45 to import a £20 UK PSN card just for the £2.50 key haha. Fortunately I can spend the rest on Rockband songs which works fine.

    Saw em live, definitely buying this.

    no no no no no no no! arghhhh!! kill me plox.

    I thought Greenday where all about "sticking it to man" or whatever it is young folks say. Not selling out to multi-national companies for wheelbarrows of money...boy was I wrong.

      I think they're more "anti government". American Idiot was all about how shit the US was with Bush in power. Their newest album 21st Century Breakdown is about the coming of a new better era in US history.

      *note: Green Day fan-boy speaking :P

      I saw them live in Melbourne last night, they are incredible live, i cannot wait for this game!

    "it does have one advantage over its predecessor, The Beatles: Rock Band."

    Unfortunately, it does seem to have one insurmountable disadvantage, which is it will have Green Day's songs in it.

    I saw them in Adelaide they are awesome

    Seen them in Brisbane and they were awesome! And why do people have to target music, you don't like it you don't like it. I love plenty of other bands including the rolling stones and Queen, but it's green days politically forward lyrics that first got me hooked...When's the release date for this anyway?

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